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Frequently asked questions

What is Alchemy?

Spiritual Alchemy While physical alchemy is concerned with altering and transforming the properties within matter, spiritual alchemy is concerned with freeing your spiritual self which is trapped within you by the unrefined parts of yourself (e.g. your fears, personal beliefs, self-loathing, etc.). Spiritual alchemy is vastly more multi-faceted. The 7 Stages of Spiritual Alchemy Solve et coagula: Dissolve and coagulate. ~ Alchemist saying The Latin expression “solve et coagula” is derived from “solve,” meaning to break down and separate, while “coagula” describes the process of bringing elements back together (coagulating) into a new, higher form. Interestingly, “solve et coagula“ is a wonderful psychological metaphor: by pursuing Gold (or listening to our intuitive “higher calling”) we “break down” limiting parts within us that are in the way of our transformation (Philosopher’s Stone) into a free and whole being (coagulation). While there are no universal stages of alchemy due to the sheer number of different schools out there, these are some of the most widely accepted stages: 1. Calcination Calcination is the process of heating and decomposing raw matter – or in other words, breaking down parts of ourselves that are in the way of our own happiness. Often we’d rather be right or fulfill an idea of “perfection” than be truly happy, so we continue neglecting the exploration of ourselves. The stage of Calcination represents the stage in our lives where we begin breaking down our egos, self-doubt, stubbornness, self-sabotaging behavior, pride and arrogance, and put it aside so we can find out what is underneath. 2. Dissolution Once we have broken down all of our personality characteristics that were in the way, we are left with the process of dissolution which is the beginning of feeling less identification with our false sense of self. Once we are free from our pride or self-doubt, we can take one step back and truly observe our positive and negative qualities. Suddenly, our inability to take responsibility for our many faults, avoidance of traumatizing memories, and other inner tensions rise to the surface, causing us to become aware of how our behavior might be affecting others. This is the beginning of spiritual maturity. Sometimes this stage of transformation is brought about accidentally by illnesses and misfortunes in our lives that cause us to really pay attention to what we’re doing, shocking us out of our avoidance patterns (such as workaholism, drugs and TV watching). 3. Separation Separation is the stage where we make our thoughts and emotions more defined by isolating them from other thoughts and emotions. A simple example is our attempt to free our heart from resentment while trying to forgive someone. The process of separation involves truly becoming aware of our authentic feelings for a person, or for ourselves. In this stage we honestly experience our anger, frustration or disappointment towards another or ourselves, rather than reverting back to the old habit of dutifully trying to “forgive” or “forget” because it is the “right” or comfortable thing to do. Separation is closely entwined with shadow work in that we must allow all feelings and thoughts within us to surface side by side. This helps us to isolate particular elements of our character in order to honestly see and assess them. 4. Conjunction After the purification and clarification of the first three stages, we must properly combine the remaining elements within us through the process of “Conjunction.” While in the previous step we separated and learned to distinguish all the separate feelings and thoughts within us, Conjunction provides the inner space – the simmering – that is required for us to truly and honestly accept all the parts of our authentic self. When we experience this stage of spiritual alchemy, all of our unconscious thoughts and feelings bubble up to the surface and into the light of conscious awareness. 5. Fermentation Fermentation is the beginning of our process of rebirth. This stage can be compared to the death of a grape, which then becomes the birth of wine. While the first four stages involved working with aspects of our old personality, in the stage of Fermentation we begin to experience moments of our more “refined” self. Fermentation occurs in two parts: Putrefaction and Spiritization. Putrefaction is the decomposition of our former selves; the process of inner death by which the old elements of our conscious and unconscious minds are allowed to rot and decompose. (Some call this stage the dark night of the soul, as it can be followed by troublesome mental states such as depression.) On the other hand, Spiritization is the stage by which we begin to look at the world in a new light. With the right guidance and with enough inner work, Spiritization involves letting go of all the aspects of ourselves and our lives that don’t serve or contribute to our involution. This is when we taste moments of great inner peace and stillness. 6. Distillation Once we begin our Spiritization we must find a way to continue to integrate all of these spiritual realizations into our lives in order to allow them to become permanent. Distillation is the level of further purification. One example of Distillation is finding ways to live from a daily place of inner peace – even in the most mundane circumstances. With enough repeated practice of constantly dying and being reborn in the present moment without entering again into the habits, identifications and cycles of the mind, we experience a strong and profound inner transformation. In the East, this is what is mostly defined as “enlightenment.” 7. Coagulation Similar to the blood’s ability to form clots and stop bleeding, Coagulation is the moment when we’ve “broken open the head,” or in other words, we have become free from the mind and have allowed our consciousness or Soul, to connect with the Materia Prima: the Spirit. Reference:

What is Esoteric Alchemy

Esoteric Alchemy Spiritual Art. A Devine secret science. Comes from kemetic background. There has always been 2 areas of Alchemy: Physics chemistry and Spiritual chemistry (sacred art) In practice, what is the difference between the two: Paracelses The Alchemical transmutation is impossible unless the Alchemist himself was is in process of transformation. The Chemist: Chemistry is largely dominated with the profit concept: the idea of wealth. We make different chemical experiments with a return in material wealth (good or evil) so that largely, Chemistry is a material art. It doesn’t involve any spiritual overtone. They do not have to have a metaphysical experience. He is only working with materials to produce wealth or an effect. They do not have to be a person of great faith. He doesn’t have to believe in mystical procedures. The Alchemist is an entirely different person. In the history of Alchemy, most alchemists were pias people and deeply religious and believed that the advancement of science was a spiritual contribution to the well-being of society.
They were concerned with the advancement of his own inner life (Jacob baby). It is all part of a re-human generation. It doesn’t have anything to do with worldly good or position. Alchemists were tortured and killed because the rulers wanted the secrets of gold-making. So when they publicize this part of his science, it brought much attention to them and they were killed so they practiced in closed quarters. What is the real purpose of alchemy? The early alchemist were using symbols and they were accepted as literal pictures. They used the solar system as a globe. They believed that this world is a huge stage of secrets and strange. Containing within itself everything it needs for the infinite perpetuation of itself. The ambition of the average modern person is involving fame, distinction or wealth. Therefore, immediately is using knowledge for the formation directly or indirectly of gold. He may not make the gold in the rethought but he may sell secrets or sell scientific developments that may bring him rich financial rewards. One of the reasons why this is dangerous, is because the moment we begin to experiment with the basic laws of existence, we are very aft to forget their own integrities. Natural laws have to be obeyed and modern thinking is not of the obeying type. We are not interested in obtaining or mastering natural laws, we want to change them for our own conveniences. We want to use natural law to exploit the universe in which we live. And because of that, we are in trouble. And are in the same dilemma that burden the alchemist. Simple intellectuals can never obtain the laws of nature. Alchemy in science was mostly based on music. Alchemy in other places was based on math. Hermetic philosophy started (Hermes the Thrice Greatest) to be apart of Alchemy. In Europe it was necessary to be secretive about such work because of the clergy because they considered Alchemy as a religion. So around the world, Alchemy was actually recognized truly as what it was, and that is: A series of symbols, intended to convey a major operation concerning the transmutation of man, himself. Without this transmutation, none of the great good things that we dream of can take place. So it is the power whereby all good things can come to pass. Where all ignorance and errors can be overcome and where the human-being can gain complete control of his own life or the laws that are governing it. But is there any proof of transmutation or things being completely altered? The process of actual transformation (from what something is to what it could be) The answer lies in the human body itself. When you eat, your digestive system breaks down food which is taken in The sun and the moon are very important in alchemy. The recognition that one life, flowing in all forms, needing nutrition, and those who eat such harvest are elevated throughout their existence. The Devine blood is the elixir of life. Universal life supports living thing. But they may never be aware of the source of their nutrition. All a lot of people want to do is to keep on going. The things you eat, effects your body which effects your Magick or alchemy. Within our bodies is a laboratory. Every type of nutrients are available for all living things are produced in the body. Certain materials have certain effects. Such is it in Alchemy. Elias Artista - Master Alchemist Alchemy helps to get rid of the “wear and tear” or life. Helps to conserve energy and puts such energy into effect to make a better life. Stress, Fear and anxiety wastes your life energy. And if not replenished, it robs us of our days. Useless energy kills us faster as well. Vitality is being expended in all sorts of useless ways. Your attitude towards your work, the lack of recognition, the lack of The master of all arts is “god”. There is an eternal wisdom behind generation and regeneration. “Tears if God” Base metals: start with the base form of your life. The 4 corners of life. There must be harmony within self. Everyone is different for what is needed for this.

Why do you charge for your abilities?

Money is at the root of people's heart. They value it so much that they decide where to put their energy with it. the foolishly use it. and they find it when they need it. It is one of the greatest exchanges because it requires faith. It is also utilized to assist others when they are in need and its how i am able to work with people if they do not have it all right now... because someone else is paying it... it balances itself out. However, without charging, it would leave the front door wide open and I can't work with everyone. I will be completely drained and have no energy for self or family so something has to create the line. The way I honor those who have financial issues is by setting aside a set amount of time and choose wisely as to who you give those to. Exchange is an esoteric law. It creates honor and value in the person receiving. People value what they pay for more than they do free stuff. Plus, if you're paying for these lessons, you are going to make sure you do the work. If its given to you, you will only be wasting my time and yours.