20 Feel Good Rituals

Feeling good feels good and is our responsibility to experience. My signature Feel Good Ritual is my #MorningParties!

Whats a Morning Party you ask? WELL!!! Thats where you turn on you favorite song in the morning while getting ready for work or a meeting or to spend time with the children and you dance you silly little ass off!!! I mean, you go hard! Break your back to it! (don't really break your back please)

Outside of the Morning Party, here are 20 other Feel Good Rituals that will help you bounce back to life. And as always, #Magickup

20 Feel Good Rituals #morningparty #magickuptv


• Make yourself a cup of tea – bonus points if its in your favorite, pretty tea cup

• Pull an Oracle Card and receive divine guidance

• Go for a walk around the block and soak up some fresh air

• Listen to a guided meditation upon waking, or before you go to sleep

• Read a few pages of a book

•Light a candle and watch the light flicker. Say a prayer or repeat a mantra if you feel called to


• Sweat and get your endorphins pumping. Go dancing on a Thursday, crank up the tunes and have your own dance party at home, practice hot yoga, running, swimming… Sweat it out!

• Dedicate one day a week as a ‘social media free’ day. Spend the day being present, enjoying the moment, and notice how productive you are!

• Choose a treat and enjoy every minute of it. Dinner, a movie, a bunch of flowers, an hour on the couch doing nothing…you choose.

• Sort out those pieces of paper/clutter/receipts/clothes lying on the floor and feel lighter. Have a sleep in and wake up without an alarm.

• Create a Sunday ritual. Sexy Sunday’s? Brunch on Sundays? Trackie-pant Sundays? Sunday’s are the best.

• Create a weekly foodie ritual. Pizza night. Meatless Monday’s, or my favorite – wine and cheese night.


• Write down your goals and dreams for each month and watch them come to life.

• Take control of your finances and track your income and spendings. Be grateful for what you have. • Organize your social engagements in advance and allow white space in your calendar for spontaneous catch up’s.

• Indulge in some form of pampering. get a massage, paint your nails, or enjoy a luxurious bubble bath. Love the skin you're in and treat it regularly. (Why not try this weekly too?)

• Do something you’ve never done before. Go see a random band play live, take a day trip, use a different form of transport, go to an art exhibition. Expand your mind.

• Dedicate quality time with your loved ones. Organize a dinner with your family, arrange a Skype date with your bestie, write that letter, or carve out some extra special time with your partner.

• Take time out for reflection. Fill up a gratitude jar of all your favorite memories for each month or write it out in your journal.

• Celebrate and say thank-you for the beautiful life you’re creating.

Article source: https://tashspencer.com/20-feel-good-rituals-that-will-instantly-make-you-happier/

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