The Ideology of Celestial Code Writing

What if you knew a prehistoric truth about this world? What if you could shape it into the world of your imagination and desires? What if you could write a code that could immediately answer the call of your life, granting you things you have always wanted.

Below, I discover what I call the "Ideology of Celestial Code Writing". I hope you find something below that can assist you with what you are dealing with in your life.


Seven The Alchemist

1. Understanding Language and the power of it

Celestial Code writing is an ancient form of communication to either oneself, one's deity or to communicate to a select group of individuals. This form of writing is as old as the Earth and has changed throughout time, based upon who has possessed its abilities; from the Egyptians to the Sumerians, the Greeks, Africans and more.

We have changed our writing system from symbols to letters, shaving off valuable information of what could be communicated. And since language is taught or learned, are we truly learning the language of prosperity and health? Or are we only learning what they want us to know, so that we may remain... batteries?

Can Language also be used to Limit Emotion?

(TAKEN FROM: George Orwell's idea in his novel 1984 of limiting language in order to limit thought (Newspeak).

Do I force my emotions to conform to the language that I have learned? In the language I inherited from the community of my childhood there are pre-existent linguistic categories: do I categorize my emotions, do I force my emotions, my peculiar psychology, to conform to them?

Could human beings, in Orwell's context, be forced to look at things this way: "These are the emotions -- and these are the words which name them -- of all right-thinking people, and there are no other emotions (except among criminals)"? Of course, we might forced to say that, but could we also be forced not to have certain emotions simply because those emotions have not been given names (or because those names are "criminal")? cf. We might perhaps force human beings not to have certain ideas merely by not giving them a language in which to express those ideas:

Language as Mind Control

(TAKEN FROM: George Orwell's idea in his novel 1984 of limiting language in order to limit thought (Newspeak).

One of Orwell’s most important messages in 1984 is that language is of central importance to human thought because it structures and limits the ideas that individuals are capable of formulating and expressing. If control of language was centralized in a political agency, Orwell proposes, such an agency could possibly alter the very structure of language to make it impossible to even conceive of disobedient or rebellious thoughts, because there would be no words with which to think them. This idea manifests itself in the language of Newspeak, which the Party has introduced to replace English. The Party is constantly refining and perfecting Newspeak, with the ultimate goal that no one will be capable of conceptualizing anything that might question the Party’s absolute power.


2. Understanding the Universal Laws

If you are able to understand the laws that govern our planet, then you are able to manipulate those laws. However, understand, in order for 1 law to work, 4 other laws may be applicable.

In understanding pain, you are able to shift your energy or thought process through acknowledgement of such pain. If conscious, you are then able to determine ways out of that pain, either by logic evaluation and reasoning or from an energy perspective. By visualizing images of relief from such pain, your mind creates various ways out (the window).

If that way out, is in accordance with your path, then the path to healing begins to present itself in the universe and if it does so in the universe, as above, below. Its like a phone number. You have call symbols/numbers in a particular sequence, and if you dial them correctly, you actually speak to the person of your desires.

Our universe follows 12 Laws, I will discuss a few...

The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Action must be applied in order for us to manifest things on earth. Therefore, we must engage in actions that support our words, feelings, vision, thoughts, dreams and emotions. These actions will bring us manifestation of various results which are dependent on our specifically chosen words, thoughts, dreams, and emotions.

The Law of Correspondence

The Law of Correspondence basically puts us in the drivers' seat of our own lives. Our outer world is a direct reflection of our inner world, therefore, we need to accept responsibility for our own lives.

Another good example for this law is the fact that in the physical world, energy, vibration, light and motion have their corresponding principles in the Universe. This explains the relationship between the world of the 'infinite small' and the 'infinite large' otherwise called Microcosm and Macrocosm respectively.

The Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of Cause and Effect states that nothing happens by chance or outside the Universal Laws. This means that, we have to take responsibility for everything that happens in our lives. Every action has an equal reaction or consequence and it is what we sow that we reap. You cannot plant a hibiscus flower and expect to reap a Rose flower. In other words, every thought, action, words are full of energy.

3. Focus on Your Intent

Intent is the soul of your magick. Without intent, its just movements, works, pictures, numbers, stones, feathers and wishful thinking. True intent is set based on individual or corporate purpose, desire, and/or more. Intent is specific, leaving no room for interpretation.

You should meditate before creating your codes and just bask in the vibration of your intent for a little while before creating your code.

Release Your Intentions and Desires

Once you’re established in a state of restful awareness, release your intentions and desires. The best time to plant your intentions is during the period after meditation, while your awareness remains centered in the quiet field of all possibilities. After you set an intention, let it go — simply stop thinking about it. Continue this process for a few minutes after your meditation period each day.

Detach From the Outcome

Relinquish your rigid attachment to a specific result and live in the wisdom of uncertainty. Attachment is based on fear and insecurity, while detachment is based on the unquestioning belief in the power of your true Self. Intend for everything to work out as it should, then let go and allow opportunities and openings to come your way.

4. Allow Your Spirit to Speak

Don't try and force your code. Don't worry so much about what you're doing or what it looks like. Allow it to simply flow. Just write it as if you were writing a letter to the Universe or a lover, a family member or friend about something that is going on in your life or that you would love to have happen.

If you really want to go extra hard, then create a legend for yourself. That way, as you continue to perfect your code writing, you know which symbols of your soul means what. You will then know how to put them together for a quicker or more successful outcome.

I like to believe that when you are writing celestial code, you are clearing your throat chakra and in doing so, you are pleasing your spirits and ancestors. You are letting go of the matrix that is holding you in your present circumstance.

Even the most skillful of us fall victim to the distraction of the world around us. But it is very important that you are always clear in mind, body and spirit when "performing" magick, especially celestial code writing... Never, "questioning", but always clear on your desires and writing them out with such clarity.

Importance of a Clear Mind

Did you know that the simple act of freeing your mind from distractions can greatly enhance your health, creative energy and productivity? A clear mind is the easiest path to greater accomplishments in life – both personal and professional. Just as a clean environment, free from clutter, removes disorder and promotes harmony, a clear mind provides the same benefits, by replacing the chaos of anxious thoughts with lucidity, peace and greater focus.

5. Let's Get to Work

Now that you have channeled your thoughts and energy into your writing and are not focused on what it looks like. Being focus on what it says, lets activate your code!

After you have written your code, meditate over it. Chant over it. You may even dance until exhaustion. Ask your Spirit Guides or your master deity to grant success to your code.

Some writings may have you do something to complete the magick, as mine did. Each of my symbols, within the Freedom Code (that I wrote to get out of jail) required a body movement (like a martial arts or karate kata or tibetan chi exercise). Some of my code has required sex magick or the consumption of liquor or other foods/substances.

My point is, do not fear what your instincts tell you to close out your code.

6. Put it Away

Once you have accomplished success (knowingly) with your code, whatever your soul tells you to do with it, do it.

Sometimes, I burn mine. Sometimes, I burry my codes. Sometimes I keep them for instructional purposes such as this. However, if I keep them, then the magick of the code is washed away via intent and a separate ritual and the code's effect is no more, making it only an example.

HOWEVER, here is the disclaimer. Does magick really ever go away? So if you do end up keeping the code and decide to show it to people, its always good to have a text version of it for people to know what it says. No one wants to look at magick and feel like they are being used as a tool or warred against.

Translation Text to Freedom Code

7. Trust Your Magick

The final stage of Writing Celestial Code is trusting that it will work. Your intentions matched with your faith in your own magick is an amazing combination that sparks motion in the Universe. You would be pleasantly surprised of what could happen. Get happy in knowing that you have shifted your universe.

Send me a message and let me know how this has helped you.

May the light be with you!

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