Being Silly Keeps My Magick Strong.

June 19, 2017

People ask me all the time, "Seven what is it about what you do that makes it so effective"? I tell them, it's my emotions. Emotions drive your magic to either the higher or the lower side of things and if I'm going to practice magic, I choose the higher side. 


Many are afraid of emotions... Yeah... I know magick. Yeah... I'm also a rapper and actor and can't always be so exposing, but being silly, having fun and allowing all chakras to be clear is how I access higher vibrations.


Remember, as above is below. If you feel as though you have nothing to live for, or if you're always in a bad mood or depressed, then how high do you actually think you can get your magic to perform at?

Today choose happiness. Choose higher Magic. Choose your higher self.


- Seven The Alchemist

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