Manipulation IS Magick

Manipulation is a word that most of us cringe at. We have been taught that it is a "selfish" word and that only promotes trickery. However, if we understand that we are living in a digital simulation of sorts, then we must understand that the code is written against those of us who profess to be conscious. So in order for us to manifest for ourselves or for those we are attempting to help, even the most practical things may require manipulation.

THE DEFINITION OF MANIPULATION IS: to change by artful or unfair means so as to serve one's purpose.

If magick isn't artful and unfair, then why learn it? Why be it? Be more responsible to your craft and stop trying to play by the rules when you know you have access to higher access or alchemy.


You may be trying to get a job so you design your resume to be more creative. You embellish some about your previous experiences. You may even be a little less truthful about your pay to influence higher pay. Maybe when you get to the interview, you wear colors that speak to success or the manifestation of your own programed desires. You may have been told that you glow in gold or blue so you are expecting to have the same effect.

You may be trying to win the heart of a lover, so you take him/her to oddly nice restaurants and on vacation destinations you know they find romantic. You may even buy flowers or send greeting cards regularly. How about those who cook everyday/week in order to show their emotions/appreciation?

Though you may not realize it, but that is manipulation. You are doing things, consciously or subconsciously to have your way or to have your purpose served. Companies do it all the time with food, insurance and even market product commercials. They speak to your senses, knowing that it will spark action in the viewer. Is that a bad thing? Can we classify the previous as such? Or is it science, produced/manufactured for a designed result?

Lets start investigating language a little more as we grow in our science and craft. Lets learn how to remove emotion from them and try to understand more their purpose and power. Now that you have a better understanding of manipulation, go out and transform your world!

- Seven The Alchemist


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