It’s been 7 years and thousands healed.

I woke up this morning with this unbelievable sense of thanksgiving.

Who did I think myself to be? There I was, living out of garbage bags and plastic boxes. My power had been turned off. My hot water was cold. And I had no money.

After speaking with a Reiki Master, I quickly felt motivated to get my shit together. It felt good to had been seen. It felt great for someone to hold me accountable again to something much larger than myself. I was alive! I was present. But now, I had to do the work.

Who knew a month after my bootcamp that I would cast one of the most powerful spells of my life? Who knew that it would work and I would have been freed from jail only free a few more within days?

I saw the magick work first hand. I saw the transformation it was making in people‘s lives. How could I not want this? How could I say no to the Alchemist?

I would speak and things would happen. I would write and things would happen. So I figured, there are so many readers, there are so many reiki masters... I wouldn’t dare step into those lanes. But the lane that I embodied, seemed extremely sac-religious of me to claim.

I wrestled and wrestled with exposing myself more. “Would they really believe me!?” These were the thoughts that haunted me. But each time the voice came, I heard another. I remembered when I first exposed myself and people thought I was a devil worshiper. I had concerns about perception. But Spirit continued to console me and assure me that those who need me, would hear me. They would know exactly what I am and how I can help them. “don‘t be afraid of judgement. Walk in your calling”.

After I helped free the sister from the Panama Prison, I knew that I had to go harder. I knew that I had to pour myself into this talent and truly make myself available to those who were searching for real healing.

Now, after 7 years of being public and thousands of people healed, I thirst to take this message broader and allowing it to be more exposed.

I am thankful for my talents. I’ve been able to assist in keeping families and relationships together, manifesting family and money and homes, protected many with spells and sigils, crafted quite a few Jinns, got rid of stalkers, taught how to write celestial code and more.

How can you not be thankful with this type of magick? I am.

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