His Celestial codes released a single mom trapped in a panama prison!

- Yonta J. - Ex-Panama Prison Inmate

I was arrested in Panama on March 11, 2015.  In the beginning, things were very hard. In Panama, the medical care is 15 years behind and no one speaks English. Also, as you can imagine, the living conditions were horrible. Prison there was a very violent place. I went through a lot of hardships, both physical and mental. So around the time I met or found out about Seven, I had started to try to find my own way to deal with things. 


I met him on FB when he posted about himself writing a code to get out of prison and it working. I am not normally  skeptical about things and am pretty open-minded, but I was definitely curious. At the time, I was working on getting a transfer back to the US and was facing many hardships. So, finding Seven at the time, was a great help. He gave me advice on how to handle everyday stresses and also worked his Magick to make things happen that I thought was nearly impossible. I was losing hope and the US Embassy was giving me a lot of opposition. Not only did he perform his magick, Seven also contacted the US Bureau of Prisons in the US. and put as much as he could to ensuring my safe return to the US. 


There were hardships along the way. But the success story is this: I was sentenced to 80 months. I ended up being transferred from Panama on January 31st, 2018. I was released on Supervised Release(probation) for three years, and despite the opposition from the embassy and hardships I faced (even almost being killed by a woman who lost her mind), I persevered with the advice and Magick of Seven the Alchemist. 


I am now currently working after five days of being released from Houston Federal Prison (on my Bday). I was recently excepted into Delaware Technical College. I am on the verge of getting my DL's and an apartment. SO THANK YOU SEVEN AND I AM SOOO GRATEFUL!!!  I will be writing a detailed book about my experience but Seven made a huge impact on my life and my situation and he still continues to be a shining light in my life. 


I consider Seven as my life coach… and friend!!!

Once again Thank you. His advice and magick worked!


What he told me was so simple, I thought it was probably some foolishness...

- Devine StarShining Bright Flynn

Ok...so I linked up Seven Hues...asking for a quick money spell. What he told me was so simple, I thought it was probably some foolishness. Because of the magnitude of how depressed n broke I was I decided to just go ahead n did as he had instructed me. I really didn't expected what happened next.

I rise out of bed n did the ritual...by mid day I got $9000!!! This was the first time I had money pass through my hands in over 2 wks. This brother is no joke!

Thank u so much Seven Hues!!!!


If you've never had a counseling session and him write a code for you I'm telling you now...

It's a MUST!!!

Wynter J.

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Celestial Code Writing™

Had an amazing session with Seven the Alchemist!  If you've never had a counseling session and  him write a code for you I'm telling you now ... It's a MUST!!! I was/still completely blown away by his ability to code and decode in a matter of mins and know things about me as if we knew each other for many life times. I am a true skeptic so for me to be blown away says volumes!!!! Seven please continue to be a help to others. I am so thankful to have encountered you . I will forever support whatever you have going on.  Thank you for your guidance King !!!!

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There is a lot that one can obtain from you , your abilities to speak to the spirit within has the propensity to awaken those who are asleep in day to day life I.e relationships personal identifiers and of course tapping into self is of importance. 

Faith J.

Greetings King Seven,

Just completed my meditation and felt compelled to thank you once again. The knowledge, insight and Divine guidance received and appreciated. 


Precious S.

My husband is a  good provider, today he apologized to me for not being a better man and provider.He said he calls me his Queen and he wants to give me the best of everything. He will do everything in his power to make sure im taken care of. Im happy and satisfied now, I accepted his apology and thanked him, because of your video it ignited something in him. 

Tanya S.

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